Terms of warranty

1. The manufacturer gives a 24-month warranty for all precast concrete products (posts, fences).

2. The warranty covers only a full and prompt payment, in accordance with the terms of the contract.

3. In the case of product defects, before installation, the customer shall make a complaint by phone or via e-mail. In disputed cases, in order to verify the reasonableness of the warranty, the manufacturer may inspect the goods at the place indicated by the customer.

4. In the case of a justified complaint, the faulty product will be replaced with a new one in accordance with the agreed rules.

5. In special cases, the manufacturer has the right to reject a complaint when the buyer knew about the defect at the time of collection of the product or when the defect is of little account and does not reduce the use value of the product.

6. Before installing the fence, the buyer should check the elements with the contract and, if necessary, immediately make a complaint to the seller. If the customer receives the goods from the manufacturer, the buyer is obliged to check the delivery (quantity, quality, pattern correctness). Goods received without reservations are considered free of visible defects.

7. During the warranty period, the manufacturer is not responsible for damage resulting from improper use of the fence or mechanical damage. Damages resulting from unforeseen random accidents, e.g. natural disasters, including storms and winds over 22 m/s, are not subject to complaint.

8. The elements are intended to be used as non-structural.

9. Concrete fence elements can only be used to install fences with a maximum height of 2.16m from the level of the adjacent area.

10. The buyer is obliged to read the installation instructions on www.malbet.pl.

11. During assembly works, it must be absolutely observed that the plates are kept in a vertical position (horizontal moving is not allowed).

12. Sold elements of concrete fences are gray (natural color of concrete).

13. Not subject to complaints and and acceptable are:
– slight differences in the color of the elements – which do not rest with the manufacturer, and are influenced by factors such as the color of aggregates or atmospheric conditions.
– on the edges of boards and posts there may be so-called effluents that result from the production process.
– small indentations on the surface of the elements conditioned by the production process.
– small microcracks not affecting use.
– raids arising on the surface of elements as a result of the production process and the evaporation process, and disappearing due to weather conditions.
– slight mechanical damage such as abrasions, scratches and chips caused during loading, transport and unloading.
All the above-mentioned factors do not affect the properties as well as the diminution of technical and operational parameters of the products.